Who are we

Katie Baker

Founder, KetoDoit

My background is in Sports Science and Physiotherapy. I had learnt about health and diet and always cooked everything from scratch with natural ingredients, I even made my own bread. As far as I knew following all the guidelines, we had a healthy diet and ate well. I had been having problems with my tummy for years, bloating, cramps and diarrhoea, and after investigations the doctors had diagnosed IBS – irritable bowel syndrome. Making my own bread had improved this a lot but it was only when I filled out a questionnaire from a specialist at Addenbrookes that I found out I had a problem with malfermentation in the gut and the way to treat it was to try a Yakhult every day. So I started on the Yakhults and hey presto, bloating, cramps and diarrhoea disappeared. However, if we went away on holiday or I forgot to take them, the symptoms soon returned.

I also had gynaecological issues which weren’t helping – endometriosis, ovarian cysts, a fibroid uterus and polyps which needed dealing with. It was as much as I could do to get through the day. I had 2 active children, worked full time and had a house to run. Once the children were in bed at 7pm, I would tidy round quickly and be in bed myself by 7.30pm, I would sleep all night and get up at 6am feeling like I hadn’t had any sleep at all and start the day again.
So in 2015 I had a hysterectomy which sorted some of the problems out. I had been suffering health problems for a number of years and despite all the treatment I was still chronically tired. 

In January 2015, my husband was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and it was during the course of the year and finding a way to control his diabetes without drugs, that we came across the keto or low carb diet. This way of eating has changed his life – he has now cured his Type 2 diabetes – and changed my life – I have lost 3 stone and am no longer chronically tired. I didn’t look or feel particularly overweight – I’m 5ft 5” and was a size 14 top and size 12 bottom. Now though I am a size 8-10 top and bottom and feel great. I have loads of energy and I feel the healthiest I have felt in years and years and it’s all down to this way of eating.

I no longer have problems with my tummy, I can stay up later now and when I wake up in the morning I am refreshed and ready for the day. We have since gone on to change the lives of other people that have learned from us and our experiences.

Moyle Baker

Founder, KetoDoit

I am Katie’s husband, Moyle Baker. I have no health care training, completely the opposite, as I work with Cloud Computer Systems. I am the initial catalyst for this website and chronic condition management system (CCMS), as I contracted Type 2 diabetes symptoms in December 2014, with a formal diagnosis in January 2015. Katie helped me find a sustainable way around a condition which at the time was said to be life long and progressive.

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