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I have been trying to lose weight for almost a couple of years now and I’ve tried a number of different diets, but nothing seemed to be working for me. I was recommended the keto diet by a friend of mine, and after a couple of months was seeing clear and positive results. I am now nearer my weight goal and couldn’t be happier”

Sue – Hertfordshire

“The keto diet is something that was completely unknown to me up until very recently. If you’d asked me what a keto diet was a year ago I would have no clue what you were talking about. Now, I am recommending it to anyone!”

Simon – Essex

It isn’t just about losing weight, I feel so much healthier than I did before. I no longer feel fatigued, I wake up every morning ready to go!”

Anna – Pembrokeshire

“I was actually recommended the keto diet by a doctor a few months back. I had kind of tried everything it seemed but nothing really worked for me. He did say at the time it was getting towards a last resort. Now I only wish I had found it sooner ”

Megan – Suffolk

“ Sadly I feel  the keto diet is widely unknown and not really spoken about as much as it should be. I’ve been on a keto diet for about 8 or 9 months now and I feel so revitalised. I urge people to seek it out “

David – Surrey

A family member of mine was suffering with Type 2 diabetes. It is a truly life changing condition and it always seems as though there is nothing that can be done. We were recommended keto, and admittedly we didn’t have much hope left at this point, but we were astonished with the progress that was being made. It is honestly a potentially life changing 

Rebecca- Suffolk

“The keto diet isn’t for everyone but it was certainly for me. I have always been fighting a losing battle with my weight. I had tried a number of diets and nothing worked. But I knew it was just a case of finding the right diet for me. One day I was doing some reading on the internet, trawling through various ways of losing weight. I was intrigued by the keto diet, so I decided to give it a go. I didn’t see many results after a couple of months and was wondering if I had met yet another pothole in the road. However, I stuck it out and lo and behold a few months later, the magic really begun to happen. I was not only losing weight at a rate I was happy with, but I just felt naturally healthier in myself, and that’s probably the greatest thing of all    ”

Ralph – Norfolk

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