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Have you ever wondered why there are so many diets, yet there is growing obesity and ill health.  Diets can work, but they are fundamentally flawed; as they either do not address satiety, nutritional density, variety and have a profit motive, our system is FREE.  We believe a well formulated animal based Ketogenic dietary eating pattern is the easiest and most sustainable method to fat loss and chronic condition management.  Sometimes it may be necessary to increase the healthy fat (butter, coconut oil, ghee, lard, beef tallow, duck fat) or add further animal protein.  Keto-carnivore is what Moyle Baker has settled on to put his Type 2 Diabetes into remission for 5 years (officially two and three quarter years via the NHS)

Ketodoit Questions

Our meals use whole foods of an animal origin such as all meats, fish and shell fish.  In addition low sugar fruit, vegetables and salads.  If diary is tolerated this is also included along with nuts and seeds.  We remove modern food like products with multiple ingredient and additives, many of which cannot be pronounced.

Absolutely safe and delicious. We've eaten red meat for millennia. The longest living population are from Hong Kong and they eat the most meat. Doesn't this contradict the mainstream push? Yes, in order to sell an alternative, the narrative has to be true, otherwise "fake" foods would be consigned to history. What about the evidence? Review it, the tricks are to use anti-meat testers and with studies that do not pass the scientific threshold to prove anything.

Understandable. Here's a common sense rationale. Indigenous populations such as the Inuit and Massai eat mostly meat and do not suffer the same non-communicative diseases of Western societies, such as diabetes and hypertension. Here are some websites with real people and their successes on mostly meat based diets:
- Meatrx
- Diet Doctor
- We have our own small successes, which we intend to grow.

Meat is at the heart of these successes at very close to 100% of the cases.  What about the weight of the evidence?  There has never been a study that crosses the scientific threshold of proof.  IARC say eating bacon raises a risk of bowel cancer to 18% or 51 in 100,000, the standard risk is 43 in 100,000.  The statistical gymnastics to have a rise of 8 equate to 18%, is achieved by a method called relative risk.  Whist relative risk is a legitimate measurement "they" know it is misleading.  The 8 increase was gained by asking people what they ate via a food frequency questionaire.....enough said, revert back to the section above regarding the longest lived and what they eat.  On these questionnaires, pizza for example is classed as meat.

When it comes to risk, take a fast food meal of burger and chips.  They would say the burger pattie increases risk, whilst hundreds of medical professionals say the risk is in the rancid vegetable oil, the sugary burger bun and the high carb fries - we are right, they are wrong. 

No and yes.  No, because we have modules that assist you with tracking and measuring progress.  You can partner with a buddie or contact a health care professional to monitor and work with you.  The meals have a shopping list and easy to follow recipe or video.

The "yes" is due to fast food, sweets, crisps, biscuits and the like being so tempting and everywhere.  It is essential to understand your why for adopting the programme.  Standard dietary lifestyles add fat and increase sickness.

The best way to not do a life changing ketogenic diet is to mix in the foods and drinks which made you look to dieting in the first place.  There are over 600,000 supermarket foods worldwide.  Try to picture how many food items there were circa 150 years ago in every society.  The modern foods have been designed to hit the "bliss point".  Bad fats (vegetable or more accurately labeled seed oils) when mixed with flour and sugar create many of the treats in societies.  These are toxic and correlate with many modern diseases.

Cholesterol is in every cell in your body.  Do you believe your body would be trying to harm you?  In order for vitamin D from sunlight to be synthesised, adequate cholesterol within the body is required.  Did you know that more persons die with so called normal cholesterol than high - where does this fact leave the push to lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is required for male and female sex hormones.  Cholesterol repairs the body and is required for a strong immune response.

The "Diet Heart Hypothesis" was developed in the 1950's by Ancel Keys, this blamed fat and cholesterol for heart attacks and strokes; whilst there is a consensus among many about the theory, there is no definitive proof that cholesterol is a bad actor.  There are tests which can see heart disease such as a coronary calcium scan rather than a guess (framingham).  Advocates of the diet heart hypothesis cannot reconcile that post menopausal women show significant benefit to having high cholesterol.  Everyone, especially women would do well to read or listen to the "Big Fat Surprise" by Nina Teicholz, and review the YouTube works of Dave Feldman and David Diamond.


Reverse Conditions
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Do you have a medical condition where you take pills or drugs to alleviate the symptoms - have you noticed you never get cured.  Diabetes can be officially reversed and or put into remission using a Low Carb Ketogenic or Carnivore diet, as can many other conditions.

Fat Loss?
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You've come to the right place.  The foods we use for condition management reduces body fat as well.  This is because we target insulin, the fat storage hormone.  No need to calorie count as we just watch carbohydrates.  Excess carbs turn to fat (triglycerides), our method negates this.  Look at our meal samples below.

Lifestyle & Fun
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If you want to optionally put the icing on cake.  Let us guide you through some beginner to intermediate workouts.  Start with walking.  Maybe take our beginner Karate training, featuring a World & European champion.  We even have an ex-diabetic powering through a weights session.

  • Health Monitoring. Get to know what metrics you sure understand Try it now!
  • Meal Plans.  Get database driven meal plans which you can customise. Try it now!
  • Work with family & friends. Or include a health care professional or personal trainer. Try it now!

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  • 100's of Biomarkers with Charts. HbA1c, HDL, LDL, Urea Level, etc Try it now!
  • Exercise.  Several easy exercise regimes for all levels with video guidance. Try it now!
  • Diabetes Management. Aim for remission, we will help you. Try it now!


Obtain the truth about Fat

Dr Paul Mason

Dr Zoe Harcombe


Obtain the truth about Carbs


Dr Zyrowski

What About Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for a healthy body. skin, blood cells, nails and immunity. Essential means our bodies cannot make (synthesis this), so an exogenous intake is required, “essential amino acids” are also call “indispensable amino-acids (IAAs)”. Approximately 50% of the bodies dry weight consists of protein. During food digestion proteins are broken down to amino acids, which form enzymes and hormones like serotonin and adrenaline. Animal proteins are “complete”. Plant based proteins need to be stacked to ensure full amino acids are covered.

Meat, is broken down into individual proteins by the gastric juices in the stomach. Pancreatic enzymes used within the small intestine, called the duodenum, breakdown the proteins into different amino acids. The amino acids are absorbed into the intestine walls via villi which resemble small fingers. The amino acids are then transported by blood to the liver.

Guidelines state that circa 0.8 grams per kg of body weight should be consumed per day. We believe up to 2 grams per kilogram for those who work out is fine. There is a concern that too much protein is detrimental to the kidneys; this may be the case for those who have a pre-existing condition, but there is no relationship for kidney issues in those without an existing condition.

The Climate

Brian Sanders

The science is not settled

Do you remember the diesel fuel debacle or how about tabacco or what is live right now with sugar.  What these all have in common is that the "anointed" authorities have tried to make these problems seem like there is nothing to see here.  Similarly there is an element within the climate change movement that has bottled onto (successfully) that cows in particular are bad for the environment. "We" have proof that cows raised in a holistic manner can and do become not just carbon neutral, but positively sequester carbon.  Keywords for your research are the Savory Institute, White Oak Pastures, Joel Salitin, Frank Mitloehner to be starting with.

So what about The Game Changers movie

Watch The Original & Then Watch The Above on Netflix or Amazon

Why Isn't this a Vegan Site

We respect peoples right to choose the dietary pattern they wish to live by.  We have concerns for the children who do not have a choice.  The concern comes out of no Vegan societies ever existing in the past or current, that we can reference tor health outcomes.  Veganism is around 70 years old.  Also some quick YouTube research shows the condition of some Vegans who are "not doing it right".  For a small minority who can tolerate the sugar and carb load a Vegan diet can improve on the standard mixed diet; but Dr Neal Barnard's diabetes results (a randomised clincal trial, which is the gold standard) produces results inferior to every Dr who practices low carb / ketogenic medicine.

When Moyle Baker was reversing his Type 2, he was able to just get into the diabetes remission numbers (HbA1c of 41) when eating a plant based diet with lots of roasted vegetables, green smoothies and reducing meat with stacks of exercise.  No matter how much exercise he did 41 was the lowest possible.  Switching to more meat, fish and dairy yielded HbA1c's of between 35 and 38 (original 143), strength and muscle improvements beyond Moyle's expectations.  Similar diabetes results are seen with low carbers / ketogentic and or carnivore advocates. 

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